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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 21, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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we are back here on sunday at 11 o'clock and 5:00 eastern. hope you join us for the latest buzz. here in shinon. the white house intruder had a knife. and congress approve part of the obama plan to fight isis on the growing dissent between the president and the top generals. >> i will not commit you and the armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. >> if there are lets i would go back to the president and make a recommendation that could include the use of military ground forces. >> will the president's strategy work? we will talk with two members of the house intelligence committee, peter king and adam ship. >> the nfl commission are said he got it wrong but romes can --
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promises to crackdown on domestic violence were. >> i made a mistake. i am not satisfied with the process or conclusions. >> with major sponsors turning up the heat, where does the nfl go from here? >> we will talk with sports commentator and our sunday panel weighing in. plus, it is 44 days to the midterm elections. with control of the senate up for grabs. we will handicap the key races and get predictions from our political gur are yous, karl rove and our power player of the week, a best selling officer on creating a top spy in fiction. >> secretly, we hope that there are people like this out there. >> hello, again, from fox news in washington, dc. the secret service is stepping up security an the white house after a man with a knife made it
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inside the president's home on friday night. fox corporate joined us from where it happened on the north lawn. >> security has been enhanced after a texas man carrying a 3.5 knife jumped over the fence. the location of the arrest is unacceptable. >> it was caught on video, 42-year-old gonzalez sprinted to the pillars of the north porch. he was not stepped until he passed through the threshold of the doors. the source says one officer was outside the front door with the weapon out but decided taught to shoot using his own discretion. gonzalez was not take down on the lawn or met by dogs. >> i cannot understand why the dog wasn't released, why no one intercepted or tackled him. it is baffling to me and to a lot of folks. >> the president because not hope having last minutes before with his daughters for camp david.
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the first lady was also away. it is only a week and a half since a man wearing a costume jumped the fence and charmed the white house property, however, he was met immediately by officers with guns and a dog unit. >> on saturday, law enforcement officials conduct add shoulder to shoulder sweep of the white house north lawn, the front lazy and a park. hours before, new jersey man was arrested and charged for lying to enter a barricaded white house entry with his car. >> gonzalez was charged with napa valleyly entering a restricting building while carrying a deadly weapon. the secret service said they are review. >> thank you from the white house, elizabeth. congress now is on record giving bipartisan approval to president obama's plan to train syrian rebels. however, it was a hold your nose and stay gentleman," as members of congress and the top military
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advisors expressed strong doubts about the obama plan. we want to explore that with two members of the house intelligence committee would voted to approval the president's request. in new york, peter king and here in washington, democrat adam schiff. congressman, you are a member of the house homeland security committee and i want to ask your reaction to this terrible security breach at the white house and what does the secret service need to do better? >> i have great respect for the secret service but this is inexcusable he would get over the fence. it takes 35 to 40 seconds to run across the lawn, a dog can be released in four seconds, the sensors are working and he made it to the white house and entered the front door and the fact that they said he was not brought down because we they dip think he had a weapon. as we know he had a knife so this demand as full
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investigation and the investigation as to what happened and why it happen asked what is being done to make sure it never happens again. i'm on the homeland security committee and i am sure there will be a hearing as to what happened and how the recommendations being implemented. there will be a lot of conspiracies again the president and complex assassination plots but this is the most bake and simple procedure how anyone in the days of isis, and we are concerned about terrorist attacks, someone who get into the white house without being stopped is inexcusable. >> turning to isis. the "wall street journal" reports that the united states wants other nations to agree to take on syria before we launch airstrikes in syria, perhaps as early administration this coming week. congressman, how dependent should the united states be on this international coalition, especially for military support, so we don't appear to be going it alone?
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>> it will be very permit to get the support of regional allies. it will be tell perked and it is not as if we can say we have the support we can count on. we have to go back to them, pressuring them to do more and the turks to shut down the border to foreign jihadist coming in and oil revenues going on, pressuring the qatar folk to cut down on financing and putting an overt arab and sunni face on the opposition. it is significant that saudi arabia is now willing to overtly and openly host the training for the rebel force. that is a significant step that will put a target on saudis' back but they are not doing it because they love us but they recognize isis is a threat to them. >> john kerry was trying to round up international support and made this surprising statement. >> this is a role for nearly every country in the world to
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play including iran. >> congressman, king, a couple of questions, are you surprised as i that secretary john kerry would invite we iran into the international coalition and how do you feel? are we getting enough support, military support, active military action by our international allies? >> so far we are not of the where i disagree with the president, attacking isis and isis in syria is in our national interests. if with can get allies and a coalition together, fine we should work on it. we cannot beholden to a coalition because we are not doing this out of humanitarian purposes. we are not doing it for the people of syria or iraq but because it is in our national interests. if that is the case, we cannot hold back. we should attack and strike and do what we can to the command and control centers isis has in syria. that is a key component of isis located in syria.
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>> what about iran? >> it is terrible mistake. the fact that there are shiites and so much involved, sunnis, also, iran is power will enough. they are the main net in that part of the world and to be doing anything at all to build them up and give them a sanctuary and to have them on our side, what is that doing to israel or to the took development plan in iran? it weaken our positions. i cannot understand why we want iran to be involved. >> we see a remarkable slit between the president would has doubled down this week and say, absolutely no, no united states boots on the ground and the top military advisors, they are saw saying we cannot rule that out. congressman, will the we forces have to get involved in a combat role if only to call in air
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strikes and to help iraqi forces on the front line? >> we already have american troops on the ground. we have special forces there. they are in harm's way. would care how we can avoid putting combat troops oned ground. i don't know why the presidents so wealth not put boots on the ground. never let the enemy know what you are or not going to do. we had a general before the intelligentsia on friday and he said there are two parts. never let the enemy know what you are doing but if we are going to expect to get coalition troops outside from the region, if the president takes it a step forward and then side sway say he is not using combat troops it shows a lack of seriousness of purpose so it will be harder to get saudis or jordan involved because they are afraid the president will not stick this out. >> congressman, you oppose the
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use ground forces in a combat role in iraq but the chairman of the joint chiefs, army chief of staff, he said they may be needs and so does robert gates, the first obama secretary of defense listen. >> this will be boots on the ground if there is to be hope, success in the strategy. i think by continuing to repeat that the president trams himself. >> are gates and dempsey and odierno wrong? >> no, but dempsey said if circumstances down the road pose a threat to the united states he will make a different recommendation. that is what he should do his role is different. >> the the is not saying the circumstance change, he is saying no united states combat forces. >> thank you is what he is
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saying but he is saying he6ú> ñ subscribes to strategy of utilizing iraqi forces on the background and not americans in the combat mission. that is the right call. he is saying i agree with that strategy. if it doesn't work or if there is a threat to the united states i will make a different recommendation. that is what we want. chris, i want a president would will not accept everything that the military says uncritically. we have tried massive occupation in iraq and in afghanistan. we are in afghanistan now 13 years later we still have not solved the problem in afghanistan. do we really want to be in a position where in 13 years we are occupying syria and iraq? i don't thing that is what we want. the role obviously is different than the military command role. >> we it is the president's job
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to tell them what they want and what they need and he has to bring our country along were it is a tough job. >> we have a couple minutes left. congressman, i want to ask you about congress because as we pointed out you approved $500 ment to arm and train the syrian rebels but you will go home without a larger vote to authorize what is a new war and the question, is congress forfeiting the constitutional responsibility? >> absolutely. absolutely. the president said this is a war it will last years it is the power of congress to declare this and we are add having our responsibility. congress should take up the authorization and i have introduced one that is narrow andblies the fight in our framework and i don't accept the president's argument.
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you it is of constitutional dimension. there was an extraordinary ever vent in australia this week where 15 people were arrested in australia for planning public beheadings on the internet they have been encouraged to carry out. how concerned are you to the threat from isis or other al-qaeda affiliated japs in syria, how concerned are you about the threat to the united states from self radicalized fell or foreign fighters in syria or iraq and come back? very concerned. we have al qaeda. we have al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the new group you have mentioned including isis and other al-qaeda affiliates and home grown affiliates. i don't subscribe to the belief that isis is not a debt to -- a
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threat to the homeland. they have thousands of europeans with pass parts and more money, more fighters, and more sophistication than al qaeda on 9/11. they are a role threat to the united states. back in 2011 --. >> briefly, briefly --. >> al-qaeda, the franchise in syria, they we pose a more contract threat to our homeland than isis. they are trying to work with bombmakers to smuggle bombs on our lands and we cannot has sight of that. >> i say they all equal threats coming at us and we have to be on our gars. if isis is in australia they can get in the united states. they attempted to attack for the new york in 2011. >> gentleman, you have thoroughly scared me, congressman, thank you both for comingy. >> latest on the scandal
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involving the national football league and the commissioner. how much of a coalition has the we president put together to fight isis? our sunday panel joins us next. when fixed income experts work with equity experts who work with regional experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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this is the people of that region versus isil. it's the world versus isil. >> president obama talkingd >> president obama talking about the broad coalition three put together to fight isis and now we are here with our analysts.
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julie, from the white house officials you talked with, are they satisfied with the military support that they are getting from the other countries? do they really intend to wait to get other cups to -- countries to join in? and.on earth would secretary john kerry invite iran into the coalition? >> as far as the coalition they are not satisfied the we only have france that is on board with airstrikes. saudi arabia is committed to training rebels but they are hooking for commitments from arab nations. that is key. it is not the united states cannot carry it out ñ their own but they want a broad coalition. we will see the president and secretary john kerry trying to build the coalition. this is tricky with iran. we know what the unhas ruled out with iran.
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yet you continue to have secretary john kerry and others talking about a need to work with them. if you not coordinating, that is a big question the. >> it is a problem because they are a shiite nation and it increases the shiites against the sunnis. >> this is not the coalition of theing that george bush was mocked for when he went into iraq. >> the numbers are not but what is missing is the elements of a commitment to support what will end up having to be a military ground operation. the territory needs to be retaken to conquer isis. you cannot do that without ground forces. so far it is not clear when it comes to syria where the ground forces will come from.
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i don't think any serious analysts thinks the syrian rebels can be trained up in sufficient number to do away with isis. that is thatting is a commitment to help with ground operation. it is not that iran is shiite but we are involved in the nuclear negotiation with iran. iranians are talking about, we will help but we want more flexibility in terms of the nuclear is ony objective undermining another and that is unfortunate. here is john kerry, in effect, begging. not good. >> i talked with the congressman about remarkable and continuing split between the president and the top advisors on can youing the fight against isis on "60 minutes," former defense secretary for obama, panetta, said he was not confident when
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the president pulled all united states troops out of iraq in 2011. i wasn't. i thought it was important to maintain a presence in iraq. >> george, as our historian, how unusual is it for a president to go against the top military advisors as he lies out the strategy for isis? >> truman against mcarthur, we have had disagreements off-and-on. what dempsey said, if the mission requires this. maybe this is the sort of thing we should not say outloud. this is a general agreement the goal and means allocated to pursue the goal do not fit. brit referred to the syrian rebels, or the vetted moderates.
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i would love to be a fly in the room when we "vetted the moderates." dempsey, i think, was saying if necessary we will do this. what we not doing is the powell doctrine saying if you get involved do it with overwhelming which is to say undisputedly sufficient force. >> the white house is doubling down on the president's pledge not to get united states troops involved in a combat role on the ground. >> ruled out the option of deploying american boots on the ground in iraq and syria in a combat role. what we will need --. >> never happen? that was said. >> but the army chief of staff said 1,600 is the amount of
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troops is a can start and gates is saying he is trapping himself talking about no boots on the ground. are you concerned? >> no. i am surprised there is so much being made of this. as george suggested we see splits between the president and the military advisors. the founding fathers going with george washington said we have civilian control of the military. if you ask the military people, there is no debate. the american people support the position. 64 percent of republicans and 62 percent of democrats --. >> with what amount say it will not work? >> a large group is skeptical. >> there is a large percentage would say they have confidence and some have "some" confidence. you have to get in the numbers. but the key point -- it is not as overwhelming as you suggest. >> more say they have lack of confidence. it is not a resounding belief it
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will work. >> it never is. we are going into uncertain waters. it is not in the interests of the united states or the military to get dragged into another long-term battle with combat groups on the ground. the president has troops already on the ground and in advisory and traying roles and engaged in 120 airstrikes in retraining the growth of isis. >> considering the difference between the president's response to isis and the response to ebola virus, sending a large force to dole with ebola, larger than isis because he believes the united states is uniquely capable of founting this effort again the disease. the united states is undisputebly capable of were beating isis but he is not putting everything into that and
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that is why the majority who doubt the strategy do so, they can see this is not a full hearted effort so as has been suggested earlier, the coalition participates or would be coalition partners. >> when we come back, roger goodell tries to get out ahead of the growing nfl scandal over domestic violence. will it work? >> what would you like to ask the panel? may use your questio for those guys on the air.
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there will be changes to our personal conduct policy. i know this. because we will make it happen. nothing is off the table. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell said he was sorry and promised big changes in how pro football handles cases of domestic violence. our panel will be back in a moment, but first we want to get the latest from sportscaster and fox news contributor jim gray. jim, what's the reaction inside the nfl community, the fans, the players, the owners, to goodell's statements?
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we >> well, the owners are going to give him some time. they're firmly in their corner. i spoke to a couple this morning. their quotes are, we have to try to get him past this. we don't know how we will. and someone said, no one including god could have handled this onslaught. the media has been just one condemnation after another since this press conference and since really the ray rice incident occurred. the fans are upset. and the players, particularly former players and players who won't come out and necessarily attach their names to it. they're upset there's a double standard. he can admit a mistake and say, i'm going to go forward. when they admit a mistake to him, they get punished, severely fined and suspended. >> one of the biggest issues has been the commissioner's total control over discipline. he has been judge, jury and executioner. he talked about how often is on the table. do you think he has to give up some of that control over disciplinary issues either to
3:31 pm
the players association, their union or some independent body? >> commissioners are always reluctant to give up and cede any power. baseball has a third party, arbitration, that maintains discipline which makes it much more consistent. sometimes you don't get the discipline that the fans necessarily think is coming for the players because the arbitrators don't rule necessarily with the heavy hand commissioners do. roger goodell has always been known as the enforcer, law and order type of commissioner who has handed out steep fines, handed out major penalties. in this instance that's why it's all been so surprising pipts all self-inflicted. to give two games for that, no matter what the circumstances were, most people believe, in fact, all of the owners don't believe he saw the tape. to not have imagined what went on in there, based on his track record and history of being so firm and tough, it's been inexplicable. >> thank you so much more
3:32 pm
joining us today. now, let's bring back our sunday group. we asked you questions for the panel. we got this on facebook from joe ping. get off the nfl's back. it's not the nfl headquarters' problem. it's a player problem. we got a lot of facebook, tweets, like that, pig saying in effect goodell and the nfl are being made a scapegoat. >> i think there's something to that. since when is it the job of a sports league to police the private conduct, in this these cases, misconduct, of the players that off the field, outside the realm of football. this is something relatively new. now, obviously the league and its individual teams have a reputation to protect and brands to protect. so, my sense about this is, this will come down to the sponsors. when the sponsors start to bail in large numbers, and you're seeing a trickle of it already,
3:33 pm
things will change. look at the vikings this week. they reinstated adrian peterson. then the sponsors, including radiss which spoke of its commitment to the safety of children, weighed in and withdrew sponsorship and virtually overnight the vikings reversed themselves and took peterson off the roster. so, i think that's where you need to look to see the outcome of this. both for goodell and the league. >> the national organization for women, which had called for goodell's response -- rather, resignation, was not the least bit persuaded by his news conference friday. they continue to call for it, showing he's failing to show he's committed to domestic violence. the white house weighed in saying how deeply troubling this situation is. >> i would like to hear from the president on this. he's a sports fan. he is someone who has brought
3:34 pm
athletes into the white house for events, used them to promote policy, the father of two daughters, sees women as a group that's viable for him. but the fact it gets to the white house shows how broad the concern is, how widespread the story has become and i think the nfl has to do something a bit more than a friday afternoon press conference to get ahead of this. >> one thing goodell did in his friday afternoon press conference was to express remorse repeatedly. take a look. >> at our best, the nfl sets an example that makes a positive difference. unfortunately, over the past several weeks we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. that starts with me. >> you're close to the baseball commissioner, to the mlb. how do you think goodell has
3:35 pm
handled this and your sense of this? does he survive? >> he will survive. he's handled it terribly and it doesn't matter. we're in a highly stylized indignation sweepstakes where everyone commits sociology in all directions saying players are made violent by this, college experience, on and on. the fact is anheuser-busch tells us it's disappointed. anheuser-busch spends $200 million a year on nfl. last year's three most viewed television programs were thursday night football, sunday night football, monday night football. money talks. it will continue to talk. this will pass over and football will continue on its merry way. i think the problem is football. football is merchandising violence and some spills over. >> we talk about what is the role of the commissioner. part of the role is to protect the shield.
3:36 pm
that's the nfl shield. lord knows in baseball the commissioner has to protect the integrity of the game and the shield. if you're going to punish somebody, and you could say that has an effect on the game for taking drugs, don't have you to punish them for this kind of behavior? >> certainly. they'll do it, baseball will do it, nhl all will, as brett says, protect their brand because players come and go. the average nfl career is about four years. the league can do it. it's the job of the commissioner to provide continuity. >> weigh in here. i think the commissioner's credibility, i think your line of questioning was penetrating, chris, when you asked jim gray about, is he going to have to give up some of his power and authority? and i think that's exactly what he has to do. he has to get into a deal with smith, the head of the players union, at some point to try to
3:37 pm
reconstitute -- the players have a lot of voice. boy f you get on twitter, the players have just been eating roger goodell alive. they don't like him. they don't like this judge and jury scenario. they think there's a double standard for him and for them. they think it's his time for a come-uppance. there's a problem there. i suspect as part of this ongoing resolution, one of the changes is going to be roger goodell is going to have an independent group that will help with discipline. he's already established, he announced on friday, an independent panel to look at how they deal with these problems. i think that panel is going to get more power and the nflpa is going to have a loud voice there. >> i want to ask you, do you want to respond to this indignation pageant going on? >> i'm a football fan. i've been a football fan my whole life. i'm going to go home and watch football today. until you see change in our own behavior as fans, i don't think
3:38 pm
we should expect to see widespread changes to the nfl. the other thing i've heard a lot of my friends, younger women say, over the last week or so, they want to hear roger goodell and others talk about the people who have been victims. there seems to be a lack of attention and focus to what some of these women and now children have gone through. and i think that if there can be some -- some focus on that, that could maybe make this easier for women in particular to deal with. >> george, quick final word. >> football's problem is football. it's the concussions. we live in a bubble-wrapped childhood. parents put helmets on their tr. they're not going to let them play football. >> that's an interesting take. what do you think? should roger goodell step down? let me know on facebook or twitter @foxnewssunday wit
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>> two years ago i had the best seat in the house at the 2012 election rules coming in. i was it ising with two master strategists to look inside the numbers. we will all be back together in 44 days and between new and then we will talk about the key races and which party will control the senate. karl rove is the architect of two presidential victories for george bush and joe trippi has run a number of d campaigns. guys, welcome back. before we look at individual states, we will get an overview
3:43 pm
of the question: who will control the senate? "new york times" says the upshot is the republicans have a 56 chance to win the senate, and another says the going has 54.8 percent chance of gaining a majority. what are the republican chances, karl rove, and the key factors? >> it is slightly better but not a lot better. they have three open seats in red states that everyone concedes are in their camp: montana and west virginia and south dakota but it is a dogfight in the rest of the country, with four states with incumbent democratic citizen in red states and three or four or five states in purple seats with democratic incumbent and an open seat, or two open seats and it the dynamics are good for republicans and enthusiasm is high and obama is low and desire
3:44 pm
to send a message to obama high but the democrats have the advantage of a big cash advantage. they have booked between labor day and election day $107 million in television advertising and the republicans $25 million less. >> joe, democratic chances to hole the senate and to pick up specifically on one of the points karl rove made,0uww with approval of 40 percent why isn't this a wave election for the going? >> it should be. and it should be in this environment, a miracle for democrats to hold on. right$h@ now, i would gage it tt the republicans are likely to pick up between five and eight seats. if democrats hole it to five seats it will be because what karl rove talk about, money advantage and, also, being able to use the obama and get out the vote method perfected in 2012 and if they can generate that, there is a chance they do have a
3:45 pm
miracle and stop the republicans from taking the senate. >> republicans need a net pickup, a net pickup of six seats to win control of the senate and everyone agrees they are go to win these threes. with republican congressman leading by unanimous points, congressmanaines and in west virginia, the republican wins by 19 points and 13.3 percent, do you agree they are all lost by democrats? >> absolutely. i don't think believes they are not going to be in g.o.p. hands in november. >> we will proceed from there. there are two seats held by democrat taxpayer look good, pretty strong, for republican takeovers. first, louisiana. republican congressman was difficult leads incumbent mary
3:46 pm
landrieu by five points and in arkansas, cotton leads senator prior by 2 1/2. how solid are those for the going and, particularly, arkansas, when you talk 2.5 percent, that does not sound solid. >> the last poll, the last ten polls back to may, senator prior has led in one and tom cotton in nine. we have a candidate in arkansas running against an institution, mark pryor is knowing time "politico". i feel good about cotton. louisiana is likely to be settled in december because they have an odd law in louisiana that requires all candidates to run in multiple party primary, if no one get ooze percent, which is unlikely, there or four
3:47 pm
candidate could get a significant vote there will be a run off in december. >> that means control of the senate, we could have to wait until december, election night may not set it. >> a couple of potential g.o.p. pickups from d states going to the republicans that are close and i will start with iowa. this is an open seat in iowa and democrat congressman braley is up against republican state senator ermst. >> it is a dead heat. both parties will put everything into this. the interesting play here, is, does the money advantage and does the get-out-the-vote effort that the democrats have perfected, does it turnout more votes for braley? the republicans are the rnc have been trying to play catch up and with data and we have not seen that, yet. does it appear in this race? >> i don't think iowa has ever elect add woman to the united
3:48 pm
states senate, either republican or democrat. >> or in the governor's race. >> it has not happened in the top races in iowa. we will be interested. >> there is another race, potential g.o.p. pickup, but very close and we will put that on the screen. it is alaska, the incumbent democratic sent begich trailing and official attorney general sullivan trailing by less than two points. that is close. >> 1.3 percent. remember, real clear politics average and the rest of the axes are lagging indicators because this took a dramatic shift three weeks ago this coming thursday just before labor did begich ran an ad accusing sullivan of being responsible for the early release of prisoners including a prisoner who went on to do a brutal murder and it turned out that the prisoners were released by a mistake by someone months before sullivan was attorney general and this blew up in the
3:49 pm
face of begich and my suspicious is we are likely to see polling data indicating a more pro sullivan tilt. >> i will put up a surprising state: north carolina was considered a very likely pick up for the republicans in red north carolina but the democratic incumbent sent hagan is up against the statehouse speaker tillis and hagan was in the to be in trouble is hanging in there. >> this, i am ready to start saying this trend continues she will be re-elected. the interesting thing about the races with the incumbents, we know they are in trouble if you are under 50 and an incumbent including alaska and louisiana and the other incumbents, they are in the low 40's or slightly above. that is a very bad sign for those incumbent. you have to start giving a push to the republicans. in this case in north carolina
3:50 pm
it seems to be moving the other way. >> as we said the republicans need a net pickup of six seats and part of the problem is they have a few of their own seats that are potentially in of the have a few of their own seats that are potentially in jeopardy and if they lose one of those, then they got to pick up another six to get to their six.ere. georgia is in some jeopardy. mitch mcconnell is in some e. trouble. we want to focus on the most surprising state of all, a popular republican loss, and that is kansas. take a look at this, with the democrats, now according to the courts, off the o ballot, republican incumbent pat roberts faces brett orman, and in the latest fox news poll, roberts trails orman.le >> i think he's going to prevai at the end. w sometimes when they're running as an independent and say i nd don't know who i'm going to
3:51 pm
caucus with when i go to washington, but last time i rane for office i was a democrat and i wouldn't have voted for obama care, but i'm not going to vote to repeal obama care, you get a little too cute. and at the end of the day, i think roberts will win, though g not by the margins he should have if he had taken this serious right from the beginning. it also shows an example of how races are affected by other races. the governor's race in kansas ia close.ti however last week it was revealed that the governor for kansas had been detained briefly a number of years ago when he was anan attorney for a strip joint and the police found him getting a lap dance. so that doesn't show much potential for running for go i far. yo >> your thoughts about kansas and how much trouble pat robert is in. >> i think roberts is in deep trouble and probably gone. i have been out there this year, and once an incumbent starts tod unravel, it's really hard to put
3:52 pm
thatbo jeanne back in the bottl >> republicans are saying they're really going to go aftek greg orman. >> i think greg orman is going to go after them, and he's going to go after them in washington and that's not a great place to be if you're in kansas and you're an incumbent.left >> what should we be looking at for these last 44 days?'ve >> i think we have got a pretty good sense of it.demo the democrats are going to try to hold the senate by trying to hold north carolina, alaska, tryingyi to make an inroad into kansas and also worry deeply about iowa and colorado. we haven't talked about w colorado, colorado ask a very narrow race, separated by 10%. but the latest polls are indicating movement toward i republican ray gardner, with 48 gardner, and 40 for the long-time democrat mark udall. so we're likely to see the democrats fight in a number of
3:53 pm
places in order to hold on to the senate. >> we can't cover them all. thank you gentlemen, thank you both, and we'll bring you back to focus on where the battle for the senate stands. thank you both, and of course see you both on election night. up next, our power blaplayef the week.u when fixed income experts work with equity experts who work with regional experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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along with millions of other readers, i'm hooked on a series of spy thrillers. they come out once a year and as soon as you finish the latest book, you can't wait for the next one. here's our power player of the week. >> i think the plot for me has always been secondary to establishing good characters. >> daniel silva is talking about the secrets of his success of his best selling spy novels. a series of 14 books featuring gabriel alan. >> he's the israeli intelligence officer who happens to have a very interesting cover job. he's one of the world's finest art restorers. >> you talk about him as if he's almost a real person. >> to me, he is a real person. think of my typical day, i'm at my desk at 7:00, i write until 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, i
3:57 pm
spend more time in his world than i spend in the real world. >> alon fixes people and situations, whether it's al qaeda terrorists or russian arms dealers, or in his latest book, the heist, art in syria. >> how do you explain his appeal to millions of readers? >> i think that secretly, we hope that there are people like gabriel alon out there. >> as an avid reader of his book's i can tell you, part of the thrill is the detail, the places that alon goes and his spy craft. >> that journey has taken silva from the cliffs of cornwall, to the art restore ration labs of the vatican. but there's more to silva's process of writing. >> this is the heist in its original form, written in longhand on legal pads. i write in pencil and not just
3:58 pm
any pencil, it has to be a specific pencil. i like the moratto black warrior number two. >> he has strong opinions about the world he writes about it. how do you feel about the state of the middle east these days? >> it's a complete and utter disaster. there's really no more syria. there's no more iraq. we are going to face serious challenges there for decades to come. >> he says even gabriel alon could. fix these problems. which leaves a couple of final questions. your books are so popular, why have they never been made into movies? >> because of me. >> silva says he's had plenty of offers, but -- >> i'm just very picky about it. i just want to make sure that we get to get it right. >> and then the big question, about any spy thriller.
3:59 pm
do you know how gabriel's story ends? >> i do not. i have never really had in my mind a, you know, that vanishing point out there where i want the story to end and then go to black, i have never come to that yet. i hope i never do, actually. >> there's no need to worry about that any time soon, daniel silva is hard at work on those legal pads as he's writing his we even have our lucky jayson werth garden nome. so from now until they win the world series, go natts. we'll see you next sunday on fox news sunday.
4:00 pm
an emotionally charged news conference in charlottesville, virginia wrapped up not too long ago. the police chief there publicly naming for the first time their person of interest in the disappearance of a university virginia student. i'm harris faulkner, this is the fox report. there has been a ripple of fear across a quiet college town where 18-year-old hanna graham vanished. students sticking together walking in pairs at night and so on. you may not know this, but at least three other young women have vanished in that same area in the past five years, although police say they do not think hanna graham's case is linked to any of those. more than 1,000 volunteers have go o


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